Mars: Have you ever thought how much BIG BRAIN is needed to reach Red Planet?


Have you ever wondered why going to Mars is so difficult? What mean is why big scientists of NASA, ISRO and Russian space agencies fail even after number of trials?

It is like getting to Mars is still a big achievement. In fact, SpaceX has already said that they know they will fail again and again before a final shot. However, three missions to Mars have already managed to achieve the triumph. Missions from The United Arab Emirates’ Hope — an orbiter, China’s Tianwen-1 and NASA’s Perseverance rover with the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter have already succeeded.

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The route between Mars and Earth is a very disruption task which needs a lot of new generation techniques

It is definitely a huge distance and travelling such a he distance obviously requires a big brain. Many missions have crashed before reaching the Mars. Moreover, many mission failed in the middle of the distance.

Escaping the Earth’s environment is the foremost task which scientist keen to figure out to reach Mars

When you think about reaching the Mars, you have to attain a speed which is in fact faster than the speed of bullet. Escaping the gravity of earth is no game but only if you have a speed between 40k km/h and 80k km/h. This is the only speed which will take you to the Mars and that is how you will reach to interplanetary space.

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After all movements and escaping, a spacecraft has to travel for like 7 months to reach the destination. In fact, while landing the spacecraft, you have to attain a specific angle. Further, the most intensifying moment is the last seven minutes in which very complex events take place.

The landing spot is a single crater that is called as Jezero. It is always pre-decided and chosen in advance.

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