Mom season 8: This will be the final season for the CBS sitcom


The show was able to address many serious issues in a manner befitting a sitcom

Mom will be premiering it’s and final season on CBS this year, as reported by Variety. This means that season 8 scheduled for May 6 will be the finale.

The show was renewed for seasons 7 and 8 in early 2019, and news on the conclusion came after series co-lead Anna Faris departed before season 8.

What the makers had to say


The show’s executive producers Chuck Lorre, Gemma Baker and Nick Bakay said that the wonderful characters in Mom got to share their struggles and triumphs for the past eight years, and through them, they got to tell stories about recovery from alcoholism and addiction that had been rarely portrayed in a network comedy series. By addressing these issues as well as other current affairs, Mom was able to impact so many lives, and they ended by showing their gratitude for the cast, guest stars, writers, and the rest of the crew.

The show stars Allison Janney and Faris with a big cast consisting of Jaime Pressly, Mimi Kennedy, Beth Hall, Kristen Johnston and William Fichtner. The story starts with Christy (Faris), a newly sober single mom with two kids, reuniting with her estranged mother Bonnie (Janney) and how they settle into their new lives. Janney won two Emmy awards out of five nominations as well as a Golden Globe for her role.

Why Faris left the show


Faris announced her departure just days before production on season 8 began in September 2020. A source later spoke to PEOPLE and said that Faris’s departure was “sudden and unwelcome.” It also left the entire network scrambling and was “not a good thing at all.” Janney stated that her former co-star was “very missed” on set.

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