Square Enix has released 9 minutes worth of gameplay footage from the new NieR Replicant


Check out the character skills, graphics, and enemies

Square Enix has just shared a brand new gameplay clip from the greatly anticipated NieR Replicant ver. 1.22474487139 and fans of the franchise were happy to see Laura Bailey return to voice Kainé.

From the looks of it, Platinum Games and Square Enix had been paying close attention to fan feedback because the new gameplay seems to have placed more importance to the gameplay and storytelling.

The official Twitter account for the NieR Series posted that they keep reading that they are not posting anything new, and that was why they released the footage.

The gameplay

NieR Replicant
Square Enix

The gameplay happens inside the Barren Temple and we got to see NieR Replicant’s protagonist speaking with the fan-favourite Kainé and his companion Grimoire Weiss. The video description states that the Barren Temple’s entrance was hidden by a sandstorm, but has finally been revealed.

The graphics have greatly improved from the game’s 2010 version (which were great to begin with) and some additional changes have also been made. The loading screens last less than ten seconds, which is another great improvement.

We got to see some wide shots during the gameplay and combat and see a lot more of the Barren Temple. The game’s beautiful theme music is also present, bringing back some nostalgia. The movements are now faster and more fluid, and the combat is fast-paced with the magic spells looking straight out of a big-budget anime. The protagonist has some new moves while magic is handled by Grimoire Weiss.

We also got to see the menu during the gameplay, with there being three categories for the combat system, and another section for magic.

Release date

NieR Replicant
Square Enix

The latest version of NieR Replicant will be releasing on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 23, 2021.

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