The NASA Perseverance Rover Is Already Becoming The Talk Of The Town With Some Interesting Facts!


It seems like the NASA Space Station is all set for info their biggest expedition and the whole world is looking forward to more updates in the coming time. What is this expedition all about? Well, that is what we need to unearth.

What Do We Know About the NASA Perseverance Rover?

NASA’s Perseverance rover had a seven months journey to Mars and it is considered to be one of the biggest expedition that the organization took, it is supposed to land in the red planet’s terrain on 18th February. As the team has given their best in the making of the rover, it surely takes a village to raise a rover. Take a look at this image of these engineers taking a selfie as they work in the making of the rover.


Considered as one of the most advanced and sophisticated rovers, NASA’s Perseverance Rover will try to land on Jezero Crater. As per reports, the six-wheeled rover is going to take seven minutes to descend from on top of the Martian atmosphere to the planet’s surface in less time than the eleven minute-plus radio transmission to Earth.

The NASA Perseverance Rover Is One Of The Most Heaviest And Expensive Rovers Built.

The head of the JPL descent and landing team, Al Chen has opened up about the expedition calling it one of the most dangerous and critical parts of this mission with a cost of a whopping $2.7 billion!


While throwing enough  light on the expedition, Chen further adds about Perseverance rover being the heaviest and most complicated rover that they have ever built. What adds to the complications is it is going to land on one of the most dangerous sites. Owing to these issues, Chen says that success is never assured!

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