Valentine’s Day Special: Here is a list of some alluring gifts for your valentine to gift them on this valentine


Life is pretty unsure and that is why it is said that love your other one unconditionally. On some days it is said that you should live them extra. That’s how the language of love works, right?

Well, there are multiple days which gives you a chance to love your other one a lil extra. Among those days comes valentine’s day. So today is valentine’s day and we are sure that you may have already planned a lot. However, have faith in us and read below to make your valentine more special with our lists of some entertaining games.

Life is Strange
Life is Strange
Credit: Dontnod Entertainment

The game is perfect for a single player. However, the real fun began when you play it with your significant other. The story revolves around an eighteen year old boy, who recently figure out that he has the ability to rewind the time. The game let’s you make some decisions which further makes the plot more interesting.

Parse Two

You know benefits of team work? Well that rule works in this game too much. This game actually works on the coordination of two players. You and your partners play as two yarns.

Credit: EA

Well, alert!! This game can actually lead a fight between you and your partner. The game is all about movie out the furniture from someone’s house. However, the house will not be normal neither is the furniture. There are multiple levels which will keep entertaining you and your valentine.

Credit: Team 17
Way Out

The game is a story about a due who should work in coordination in order to have successful redemption. Each player is bound to control Leo or Vincent.

Way out
Credit: Hazelight Studios

This game is our personnel favourite. Florence is a name of the girl in the game who narrates her life in the game. She and her love interest Krish will entertain you a lot in whole game.

Credit: IGDB

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