Valheim Boss Guide: How to defeat Eikthyr, the first real challenge


Here are some tips on how to beat one of the toughest bosses in the survival game

Valheim is a game where there’s great diversity between the enemies, and most of them are difficult to beat. Some of them include hostile wild animals, massive trolls that can kill you in just a handful of hits and then there are skeletal creatures that scurry around in dungeons and pounce on you in the dark.

This article will teach you how to defeat Eikthyr, one of the first real challenging bosses in the game.

Preparations before the fight

Iron Gate AB

Once players have managed to summon the mystical stag-like creature, defeating it takes priority. You will need to get a few items before initiating in a fight. Acquire Leather Pants, Leather Armour, and the Leather Helmet. These items will greatly increase your defense. Next is crafting a bow and a few hundred arrows because maintaining distance from Eikthyr is important. Last of all, make sure you have cooked meat from boars, necks, and deer along with some mushrooms. If you eat it before summoning Eikthyr, your health will be boosted to a great extent.

Eikthyr’s attacks

Iron Gate AB

Eikthyr has three main attacks that can cause a decent amount of damage. First one is Charge, where it drops it’s head and tries to ram you with its horns. Next up is Ranged Lightning, where it shoots lightning out of its horns in a short distance, and does serious damage. Finally, it uses Lightning AOE where it shoots lightning around in a circle. Jump, dodge, and do whatever it takes not to get touched by it.

The best tip will be to keep moving and using the pillars around you as defense. Hide behind a pillar to recover your stamina, before shooting two arrows and running away. Repeat this until you slay the monster.

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