Valheim: How to hunt and defeat Sea Serpents in this survival game


The higher the risks, the higher the rewards

The seas in Valheim are dangerous territories to sail through and you have high possibilities of encountering deadly creatures like the Sea Serpent. Killing them ensures great drops, so this guide will help you understand the best ways to take them down.

How to hunt them down

Iron Gate AB

Sea Serpents in Valheim are the best sources of meat, with which you can make some excellent foods. Also, when you kill it, it drops numerous resources which you can convert into armour, weapons or tools.

It’s usually found in the ocean and will try to destroy your boat so that you will fall into the ocean where it can kill you with ease. It’s huge and fast, but if you do things right, you can kill it without much difficulty. Now here are the precautions you should take.

Iron Gate AB

1. Take a Longship 

A Longship is durable when it comes to taking hits from the serpent, as compared to a Karve or raft.

2. Weapons to take 

Ranged weapons are important as melee only works in shallow areas. So take a bow and lots of arrows. Travelling with other players are also helpful.

3. How to prevent its escape 

After you deplete half its health, the creature will try to escape and heal. For this, you will require a harpoon. Using a harpoon bow, fire into its body and if it’s successfully hooked, you will get notified.

But once again, it’s important to travel with a team as multiple harpoons embedded in it makes it difficult for the creature to break off and try to escape.

With its meat, you can make a stew that gives a massive boost to your health and stamina. You can also check out the YouTube guide to see how other players do it.

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