Why is Netflix’s new reality show Marriage or Mortgage the most depressing millennial TV show ever?


What do you want more – a house or a wedding?

We can’t argue that Netflix doesn’t love diversity. With its numerous movies, original series, reality shows and documentaries, the streaming giant seems to be dabbling in everything. But their new reality show takes the cake. They made sure to reach out to the millennial soul and dig out all the nonsense hidden within through their upcoming show Marraige or Mortgage. 

Try enduring this trailer first:

What’s the show about?

Marriage or Mortgage

It’s what the title suggests – young (ish) couples deciding whether to have their dream wedding or to secure a luxurious roof over their heads. We follow Nashville-based wedding planner Sarah Miller and real estate agent Nichole Holmes as they take on various couples who decide which takes priority.

Why are people like this?

Marriage or Mortgage

With all the things happening in the world, we don’t even care if we have less than 50 guests at a wedding (even though most of us are happy about it). But here are people willing to spend a fortune on these lavish weddings that they think takes priority over a house.

The boomers love talking about how they had a house and wife by the time they were 20-25, but here’s the thing: property was really cheap, you get jobs that they pay a lot easily as well.

The average wedding cost in the UK is £31,000, meaning people are willing to plonk an amount close to the annual average wage on one single day. The price of a house, which would have been $20,000 in 1980 is up to $220,000 in 2020. Such a matter shouldn’t even be up for debate.

When does it start?

Want to watch, laugh, and pull your hair out at the couples on the show? Get ready as it premieres on March 10, 2021.

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