After a serious car crash Golfing Champion Tiger Woods is under surgery in the hospital


The Golfing champion and a great human, Tiger Woods had a serious car accident. Amidst the accident he had very serious leg injuries. He was hospitalized on Tuesday. The leg injuries are very serious and it is a thing which one should be worried about. Apparently, the accident occurred because his car rolled down a skewed hillside. Moreover, the smash was so strong that the rescue crew took time to get him out of the wreckage.

However, fortunately, the injuries are not life threating. Therefore, we believe that we can see Tiger soon once he get okay.

Hours later, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex in a news conference said that Tiger is conscious

Alex also said that Tiger is doing fine. The sheriff further added that Tiger is able to talk when the rescue team arrived on the accident spot. In addition, the sheriff added that there were no blood samples collected by investigators on the accident spot. As soon as the team got the news, they rushed the Tiger to the hospital, said the sheriff.

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Tiger is currently admitted to Harbor-UCLA medical center. Sheriff deputy Carlos was first to reach the incident. Sheriff described the accident spot in detail.  Carol said that when he reached at the spot he was wearing his seat belt. Then woods himself told him that his name is Tiger.

Credit: Twitter

Tiger Woods who is 45, is already suffering with various knee injuries

Woods have been suffering with severe knee injuries since past few years. He is considered on of the greatest golfer of his generation. Woods is the only player who has won all four major golf titles. We hope that he regain his health again. For now, he is considered to be in stable condition.

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