After Some Media Rumours, It Might Be Over For Kim Kardashian And Kanye West!


After a series of media speculations and rumours of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s divorce, it seems like these rumours were true after all as the Kardashian star has reportedly officially filed for divorce!

Kim Kardashian Has Reportedly Filed For Divorce After All!

While fans were quick enough to notice that Kanye West was absent from some important family occasions including Kim’s birthday, it was a ton assumed that there jas been some trouble in paradise. However, both parties have been silent about these recurrent rumours and why the rapper was absent from such important occasions.

Kim And Kanye

With these rumours fuelling, Kim Kardashian has reportedly filed for divorce while putting an end to their seven years of marriage. With the children in the drama, we wonder how this divorce battle will turn out for the celebrity pair. We are waiting for either of them to make an official statement regarding the divorce.

There Were Some Rumors About The Marriage Being In Trouble!

The feud might have started long back after Kanye West spilled some personal beans about their marriage which includes the shocking news of abortion during his election campaign. While television reality star Kim Kardashian later posted a social media note along with people to be compassionate towards the rapper.


Fans were further shocked after the rapper made some problematic comparison about his mother in law Kris Jenner in some later deleted posts. Moreover, according to sources, Kim Kardashian might be filing for the custody of their children as well. With reports of their marriage being on the rocks, a source revealed that they surely saw it coming! Considering how messy celebrity divorces can be, it seems like this one might attract the media attention a little more than expected in the coming time.

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