Comedian And Actor Chris D’Elia Finally Breaks Silence On The Severe Sexual Assault Allegations Made By Several Women!


While celebs have often found themselves stuck admits some severe allegations, a popular comedian has recently addressed all the serious allegations made on him that did cost him a few professional hiccups!

Comedian Chris D’Elia Talks About The Sexual Misconduct Allegations!

American comedian Chris D’Elia finally breaks silence on all the allegations made upon the actor that made people on social media go into a huge frenzy! The actor starts off the video by explaining how he took some time off to be with his family and reflect on himself.

Chris D’Elia

Moreover, the You star finally admits that he does have a problem when it comes to sex and has been seeking therapy and professional medical help. While further adding on to the issue, the actor said that sex has been a huge focus for him all his life and he really needs to work on that while admitting the he does have a problem. Here’s the video that is released by the actor himself as he sits down for a long clarification on his part.

The You Star Admits That He Does Have A Problem!

The actor faced extreme backlash after not one but several women came up and accused the celeb for sexual misconduct. Two women alleged that the podcast host exposed himself in front of them without their consent. While dismissing all these allegations, the Good Doctor actor and comedian earlier said that all his relations were legal and consensual.

Chris D’Elia

The Good Doctor actor took everyone  by aurprise by further confessing that he has cheated on few of his early relationship, including the one he has with fiancée Kristin Taylor. He apologized for his misconduct from his fiance and friends. This video came in a while after he was alleged with claims but messaging inappropriate things to underage teenage girls!

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