Fall Guys has gifted a free skin to all the players as a Lunar Year reward


The rewards can be claimed anytime before February 13

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic has joined the Lunar Year celebrations by gifting free skins to all players. The skin you will be getting if you log in before February 13 will be that of the Monkey King. The offer is not just valid for current players, but to all that gives the game a try before the expiration date.

Other new arrivals

Fall Guys

Aside from the Monkey King costume, Fall Guys has added a new costume called Simian Royalty to the in-game store. The prices follow the same as all new costumes, with the top and bottom costing 5 Crowns each. This weekend, the game had a Double Crown event where players were able to get an extra Crown for every match they won, so many players already have the required number with them.

Season 3.5

Fall Guys

The game recently launched Season 3.5, bringing in a lot of changes to the popular battle royale game. In the mid-season update, the game introduced a new level, along with 40-plus variations for other levels, which adds new obstacles or change certain features of the stage to make sure that players don’t get too comfortable on familiar routes.

Remember the cute little penguin boys who marched on automated flippers called Pegwings? They served as match objectives on a few maps, but now they are present in certain levels where they are not necessary to win the game. This means that the player can push them aside or off a ledge inorder to ensure their victory.

Players are also able to unlock limited-event skins such as Godzilla, Sonic the Hedgehog, and some Untitled Goose Game costumes.

The platforms for Fall Guys are PlayStation 4 and PC. Mediatonic has yet to announce its arrival on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One or mobile, but since the demand is rising, it will happen soon.

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