Godzilla Vs Kong: Will Mechagodzilla be showing up as an antagonist?


There are high chances of the two monsters teaming up to fight the common enemy

A new trailer for HBO Max and Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla Vs. Kong has released, and the one-minute long clip show’s Kong’s bond with the young girl Jia (Kaylee Hottle) and how they communicate using sign language. We also see a bit of the destruction caused when the two titans face off against each other. Kong is clearly the underdog and he is shown to be trapped underwater after Godzilla tips his ship over.

Mechagodzilla’s arrival

Godzilla Vs. Kong
Warner Bros.

Kong and Godzilla facing off is just one part of the story. Most people realized that Mechagodzilla will be part of the movie after seeing a few trailer breakdown videos, and is likely the cause for Godzilla to go out of control and cause unnecessary destruction. Mechagodzilla was first intended to be an alien, but soon it’s story was changed to make it a man-made character that was designed to protect Japan from Godzilla.

What could start off as a means to save the world from Godzilla would soon become an opportunity for Mechagodzilla’s creators to try pushing their own agendas.

Will Rodan return?

Godzilla Vs. Kong
Warner Bros.

Rodan, nicknamed the “Fire Demon” appeared in Godzilla: King of the Monsters and had been an ally of Ghidorah before bowing down to Godzilla after Ghidorah’s death.

In past movies, Rodan has sided with Godzilla and the question remains if he will show up in Godzilla vs. Kong. Neither him, nor the other monsters had appeared in the trailer, but we shouldn’t give up on the idea of the monsters making a return in the movie.

In the trailer, there were signs that APEX, the group that could be behind Mechagodzilla, has had their facilities in numerous locations destroyed. This could be a nod to Rodan, who would be serving as Godzilla’s chief assistant in carrying out his plans.

Since Godzilla is Earth’s alpha, the other titans can be expected to appear the moment he calls.


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