GTA Vice City remake rumours shut down after rumours of its arrival on next-gen


Yeah, sorry about that!

A couple of fan projects on Grand Theft Auto got shut down on GitHub by published Take-Two Interactive. They were reverse-engineered versions of GTA 3 and Vice City with a few added improvements such as a modern look. The takedown was reported on twitter by @TezFunz2 who said that it may be due to other gaming outlets coming across the project and amplifying it further. We can’t guarantee at this point if it had something to do with rumours of past GTA games getting remastered, but this will be disappointing to everyone who was looking forward to reliving their childhood memories.

The two projects

Rockstar Games

The projects were known as re3 and reVC and had been in the works for several years. During a recent interview with Eurogamer, the developed spoke about their surprise that the game wasn’t removed by Take-Two yet, and were hopeful that maybe they didn’t care. They also spoke about their future plans for the remastered games, such as a VR version and a ray tracing update.

But sadly, as @TezFunz2 points out, reverse-engineering is against Take-Two’s terms of service and on GitHub, their DMCA takedown request states that “the best and only solution is complete removal.”

Always a problem for fan projects

Rockstar Games

The inevitable doom of being taken down lingers over every fan project such as these two. It can be extremely disappointing seeing how much time and effort are poured into perfecting a game like this, but we can’t blame the publishers for doing it either. Video game companies are very protective of their IP and will be stepping in to take corrective measures sooner or later.

For now, the only thing fans can do is to stay optimistic and hope that Rockstar Games will be officially remastering the classic titles for next-gen consoles.

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