Hailey Baldwin Is Serving Some Major Medusa Inspired Looks For The Versace Spring Collection 2021!


It seems like Baldwin Bieber is serving some looks in her recent big ad campaign and fans are stunned to see as the model takes on a shoot where she is resembling an iconic historical character!

Hailey Baldwin Is Posing For Versace’s Recent Spring Collection Campaign!

Hailey Baldwin Bieber recently posed for the much-awaited Versace spring collection 2021 and took on the look of none other than the fierce Medusa! As the big international bend has introduced a collection with all designs that are inspired by the historical character who has been an inspiration.

Hailey Baldwin

With an unconventional combination of colours and hair done impressively, the supermodel looks beautiful yet strong and is serving us some fierce looks while posing with the Versace La Medusa bag. The bag is a beautiful purple coloured bag with a small Medusa symbol etched on it. Take a look at the video as Hailey Baldwin is looking absolutely stunning!

The Medusa Inspired Looks Is Surely Grabbing Attention From Fans!

What caught fans’ attention was how the model painted her nails with the same colour as that of the bag giving it an aesthetic look. The whole photoshoot was down while keeping Medusa’s gaze and strong story in mind as the model is losing in am deserted place while adding on to the mystery and strength of Medusa.


The pictures are making an impression that the model is underwater while reaching out for the La Medusa bag that is floating in the air! The combination of the attire she has put on for the shoot is unique and filled with various colours. Along with Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner is also posing for the Medusa inspired campaign for Versace. The brand is taking inspiration from the prominent character of the Greek mythology.

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