Netflix has introduced a new automatic downloads feature for Android devices


The streamer also announced that the feature will be coming soon to iOS

Netflix is making some significant changes in its downloads feature with a new option called ‘Downloads For You,’ which helps users find more content that suit their tastes.

This feature is currently available on Android across the world and what it does is automatically download shows recommended to users based on the kind of shows they watch and the amount of storage they have available on their devices. In a statement, Netflix also said that this feature will be tested soon for iOS devices.

How it works

Netflix downloads

Users get to choose the amount of space that should be allotted for downloading content, for each of the five profiled they have. Netflix also mentioned that this space will not be used for movies or shows that are manually downloaded, and is available as a separate option in the downloads tab.

Netflix introduced their Smart Downloads  feature back in 2018, which deleted watched episodes automatically and also downloads the next episode. Similar to that, the Downloads for You feature will only work when the device is connected to a WiFi network.

Helping users to choose

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The company has been taking several measures to improve content discovery, and last month they said that they will be introducing Shuffle Play for all its subscribers throughout the world in the first half of 2021. It had been undergoing testing for several months now.

During their earnings conference in January 2021, Greg Peters, Netflix’s chief operating officer and chief product officer stated that sometimes users just come to the service without knowing what they really want to watch. So they took this opportunity to try new mechanisms for helping such members.

Seeing Netflix take such steps, rival streaming companies such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Disney+ will also be introducing new features soon.

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