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One-Punch Man finally introduces Blast, the number one seat in the Class-S heroes

Will he be able to withstand Saitama’s one punch?

After being mentioned here and there, One Punch Man has finally introduced its number one hero in the S ranks in the latest chapter. While the original webcomic written by ONE has reached a new arc, the Yusuke Murata illustrated manga series has reached the finale of the Monster Association saga. We have been seeing all the top ranking heroes getting their mights tested by various monsters from the association, but despite all this, the number 1 hero never made an appearance.

Enter Blast


Everything changed in chapter 137 and Blast has officially made his entry. He was first mentioned during the S-Class ranks introduction and a brief appearance in Tatsumaki’s origin story flashback, but he’s here for real and has met Saitama face to face.

The chapter began with Saitama, Flashy Flash and Manako still underground after Tatsumaki uprooted a whole structure to attack Psykos. While stumbling around, the trio find a mysterious black cube that spoke to them. While speaking, a wormhole suddenly opens up from behind and Blast steps out from it.

He immediately grabbed the cube and said that it was a transmitter of some kind that he’s been collecting for fun. The cube recognized him but before it could do anything, Blast teleports it. Flash tries attacking him to test his abilities but Blast merely sidesteps and opened another portal for them to reach the surface.

Who will win?

Saitama and Blast

After Blast’s surprise arrival, the questions surrounding him only grew in number, and how he could affect the story as a whole.

It of course led to questions if Blast could prove to be a challenge for our One Punch Man. His so-called “hobby” of collecting cubes was why he was considered retired but seeing that he’s still in the ranks means he has enough strength to stay on top of everyone.

At the very least, we expect him to at least give Saitama a decent challenge.


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