Paris Hilton delightedly talks about her engagement in a her first joint interview with Fiancé Carter Reum


Paris Hilton seems all excited while sharing details of her engagement with Carter Reum. She was sharing details along with Carter in an interview by iHeartRadio podcast, This is Paris. The 40 year old entrepreneur and Dj said that she was very surprised when Carter proposed her. However, little did she wanted this to happen.

Paris was so excited while sharing everything that she actually define what is called happiness. She shared that Carter being abide in love,  ended up proposing her during a trip to a private island. They were on the trip to celebrate their Feb birthday.

Hilton also shared that she though Carter would propose her in 2020 back in December

She was in total dilemma whether he will propose her or not back in December. Last year in December, they celebrated their one year anniversary. She further added that when Carter approached and proposed her, she was all bumped and did not said anything.

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She kept giving him hints deliberately. Paris then added that while she was dropping hints, Carter said her that when the time will come, it is going to be more amazing then this. So he asked her to wait and watch. Apparently, seems like Carter was planning for this since long.

Just before this moment Carter asked Paris to dress up and capture the moment

Soon when she arrived and everything was going according to plan, here came the loveliest moment for Paris. Carter was on his knees, proposing the love of his life. Paris further added that she was so excited that she started shaking vigorously. Moreover, Carter revealed that there family member are also the part of the trip. At last, she said that she cannot wait to start family with him.

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