Prince Philip Is Admitted To The Hospital On Account Of An Infection.


It seems like one of the royal family members is facing some health-related issues and has to be admitted to the hospital as soon as possible. Now, we have adequate information about what exactly happened and what is the condition.

The Duke of Edinburgh Is Admitted To The Hospital For An Infection Related Issue.

The Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip is admitted to the hospital as he is suffering from an infection and is expected to stay under medical care for a few days. This news has been further confirmed by the representatives as the Duke of Edinburgh is struggling with the infection issue. However, medical authorities are taking excellent care of the duke and things are going to be better soon. His family members are also assuring the same while giving updates about him.

However, there’s nothing to worry about as Prince Philip is comfortable and is also responding to treatment. While addressing the news, The Earl of Wessex thanked everyone for their heartfelt messages that they have received from the public and reassured that he is feeling a lot better.

Prince Philip

Prince Philip Is Doing Better And Responding Well To Treatment.

Many close family members have assured that the Duke is doing fine and is having a good recovery. However, he will be under the doctor’s guidance for a while as long as things get back to normal and he soon jumps back to health.

The royal family is taking good care of the prince and everyone wishes him a speedy recovery. Moreover, Prince Charles paid his father a visit at at London’s King Edward VII Hospital as he was spotted by media tabloids. Prince Philip has been maintaining a low profile life over the years with making very few public appearances.

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