The Bachelor Is Once Again Witnessing Some High-End Drama And Some Severe Controversies!


After this season of The Bachelor saw not one but two sudden eliminations after these two contestants allegedly misbehaved with the other contestants, it seems like this season surely cannot steer clear of drama!

The Bachelor Contestant Rachael Kirkconnell Apologizes For Racially Insensitive Actions!

It is Bachelor contestant Rachael Kirkconnell this time! She recently apologised after some racially insensitive social media related posts resurfaced and caught everyone’s attention. However, that is not all as Bachelor host Chris Harrisonsteeped away from his role after defending Rachael. He even apologized to talk in a manner that must have been racially insensitive. This is what Matt James has to say amidst these controversies.

The Bachelor

Matt James has recently addressed these ongoing allegations and controversies. He is equally shocked and hurt after seeing one attempting those racially offensive events. While weighing in on the whole matter, James said that it ha been nothing but devastating and heartbreaking to make this sudden revelation.

Matt James Finally Talks About The Ongoing Controversy Sparked After The Kirkconnell Fiasco!

After Matt James also pointed out about how the host was also unable to grasp the the whole thing that Rachael Lindsay tried to explain while talking about a significant event in history that holds immense importance for the Black community. While shedding light on the current events that gave way to some severe allegations, Matt James is surely disheartened on how these things turned out.

Matt James

The Bachelor of this season finally concluded that he is trying to  process this experience, and viewers will hear more from him in the end, as he has a responsibility as a man of colour. Kirkconnell, on the other hand, has apologized by saying that she was wrong and ignorant and was unable to grasp the severity of the situation.

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