The MasterChef Australia Celebrity Judge Gordon Ramsey confirms that he has faced a loss of £57 million due to the pandemic


The celebrity chef said that the lockdowns have caused ‘utter devastation’ to his business

TV chef and famed restaurateur Gordon Ramsey recently confirmed that he’s lost over £57 million since the onset of the coronavirus in the UK last March.

Gordon had spent the majority of last year at his huge Cornwall mansion, and had to cancel a large number of Christmas bookings, 22,500 to be specific. The third lockdown had badly affected his business.

The lockdown impact

Gordon Ramsey

Gordon spoke about his situation when he appeared on The Graham Norton Show last Friday, Feb. 19, and said that the lockdowns had a “devastating” impact on his London restaurants and he fears that he will be in a crisis once the third lockdowns are over.

Gordon said that it was tragic not to be breaking bread and having fun with friends and family. He added that they reopened in July, and the atmosphere was so electric, they didn’t even need music, so it was tough to shut it down all over again. But Ramsey said that even after cancelling 22-and-a-half thousand reservations, he’s still optimistic.

While speaking to The Sun, he said that the total amount of losses he faced in his 18 restaurants across the capital, 17 restaurants in other places in the world, and five more set to open once ‘normalcy has returned’ adds up to £57.5 million.

Time at home

Gordon Ramsey

The 54-year-old chef says that he typically splits his time between his home in London and his properties in Cornwall, where he got to spend the entire first lockdown and a major portion of the rest of 2020.

Ramsey joked that he’s most looking forward to seeing his “f***ing neighbours” in Cornwall after they expressed their anger that he and his family had been ignoring COVID-19 restrictions.


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