The Muppet Show: The drama is marked for content warning amidst the show features negative depictions of cultures


“The Muppet show” which was active from 1976 to 1981 is now trending again. The show is now marked for content warning. The show features some irrational behavior towards some specific cultures. Disney+ has taken this action in view of keeping people’s sentiment belonging to the culture safe.

These episodes now open with a disclaimer which explains why and what is shown in the show. Episodes which were hosted by Steve Martin, Johnny Cash, Peter Sellers, Debbie Harry, Spike Milligan, Kenny Rogers, Marty Feldman and Joan Baez are now opening with this disclaimer.

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Disney+ has not deliberated as for what these ” negative depictions” disclaimers are added

However, these disclaimers read as “this program features negative depictions of a culture which were wrong then and are wrong now also,” Disney+ has explained the context behind it. Disney+ has just informed people that the content can harm their cultural sentiments. This sudden addition of warnings in the show has stared creating buzz in fans and netzines. Moreover, a user on reddit has gone through the each and every episode of the show to give the opinions and views on this matter.

In addition, the company has hired external advisors who handles such matters. According to the company they do no want to remove the content, Instead, they are much interested in talking about what history has left for us.

What are some scenes which are genuinely controversial in the show–“The Muppet Show”

In an episode from season five, Johnny Cash is featured in the scene where he performs while standing in front of confederate flag. This flag has a long abide history related to whites and their supremacy. Spike Milligan in another scene appears wearing a caricatured national costumes. This scene also include a Chinese person who’s front teeth re little exaggerated. He also have this very long braid.

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