Zack Snyder is not getting paid for his cut of Justice League for this BIG Reason


The reason is due to his wish of keeping creative control

Zack Snyder recently explained why he isn’t being paid to finish his cut of Justice League. This was surprising, seeing how hard at work the director was for the past few months in completing the his version of the movie, which is greatly different from the theatrical version.

Snyder had been working on the movie when he had to leave the project due to a family tragedy. Some reports even suggested that he was fired on top of that. Joss Whedon was called to finish the project, who changed a lot of Snyder’s original plans. But now, Snyder’s version, named as Zack Snyder’s Justice League will be coming to HBO Max in March.

The changes

Zack Snyder

It’s said that only 20 minutes of 2-hour theatrical release was Snyder’s and that he had a lot of unused footage at his disposal. On top of that, Snyder also called upon Jared Leto to return as the joker and film a few scenes. The movie will also feature some other characters who didn’t make it into the theatrical release and will be containing alternate storylines. A great deal of work is being put into this but Snyder is not getting paid.

Snyder said that it was his decision, and as a result he got to keep his negotiating powers with these people, and was able to maintain creative control.

A bold move

Justice League
Warner Bros.

The decision by Snyder is quite bold, and that just makes the Snyder Cut a more unconventional situation. Snyder was willing to give up all the hard work just so he could make it the way he wanted. Reshooting certain scenes still cost $70 million, but in return, it’s going to be a major asset to the growing content in HBO Max.

Hopefully, all the hard work Snyder and his team put in pays off.

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