Ben Affleck Made A Shocking Revelation About His Divorce With Jennifer Garner!

Divorces can be hard! However, this celeb has recently admitted that amidst all the heartbreak and a rocky marriage, the divorce did come with a silver lining and it did change him for the better!

Ben Affleck Talks About His Divorce With Jennifer Garner!

Justice League star Ben Affleck ha recently revealed that his divorce with Jennifer Garner did make him a better man and he made some wise choices, while further explaining the Ctor said that his meaningful personal experiences has made acting much more interesting and in turn made him attracted to the movies that are about people who are rather flawed and not about picture perfect characters.

Ben Affleck

The Way Back actor said that he dis not have to research about the alcoholism part aa he did got it covered! The actor was dating No Time To Die star Ana de Armas. However, several media tabloids have reported that the pair have split up after their brief ongoing romance. The actor has a lot going for him with his meticulous acting in The Way Back and Justice League also releasing this March.

The Actor Talks About How The Divorce Made Him A Better Actor!

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner called it quits after being married for as many as ten long years. However , the two have no bad beef betwwen them and continue to co-parent their children. Sources reveal that Garner has been spportive of  Ben during this breakup with Ana. Moreover, it has also been revealed that the relationship was not working out for either of them.

Ben Affleck

Moreover, actor Ben Affleck plays the role of an alcoholic in the movie The Way Back and the actor revealed how his real life experiences made him a wiser man who makes better decisions.

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