Drew Barrymore Recounts A Horrifying Experience While She Was Put In A Psychiatric Ward By Her Mother!


It seems like one of our popular actress from Hollywood is coming upfront and sharing a personal incident that might send the chills down your body. This movie star was put in a psychiatric ward by her mother and that had put a huge toll on her mental state.

Drew Barrymore Opens Up About Being In A Psychiatric Ward When She Was Just 13!

Drew Barrymore recently shared a harrowing experience with radio  host Howard Stern revealing that she was put in a psychiatric ward by her mother when she was 13!  When asked that whether it would have been different if her mother just sat down with her and asked her why is she so angry by Stern, the celeb answered that her mother created a monster and didn’t know how to deal with the monster!

Drew Barrymore

While recalling that chilling experience, the 50 First Dates star also added that she forgave her for that as Drew herself knew that she was getting out of control and her mother had nowhere to turn. Moreover, she also added that her mother was guilty for her actions for a long time as Barrymore was not talking to her for a long while. However, they are in talking terms now.

The Charlie’s Angels Star Talks About Being More Empathetic With Time!

The Blended star admitted that she has been healing a lot for all these years, and being a mother of two daughters have definitely made her more empathetic. While talking about how she is taking a more quieter and traditional approach for her daughters’ upbringing , she things it is quite the antithesis to her own upbringing.

The celeb has recently shared her experience of being in solitary confinement, while talking to her talk show guest Paris Hilton and how it was not a pleasant experience after all!

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