Fans can Rejoice as with so Much Left to Unfold ‘Attack on Titan’ is not Bidding Adieu with Season 4


There are still many chapters left to adapt

Attack on Titan recently began its fourth season, and the ratings have reached an all time high as well. But one thing that’s been troubling fans is how they’re going to accommodate everything into the fourth season, which was dubbed by the animators as “the final season.” But there are many manga chapters left to adapt, and a new report suggests that season four never intended to bring the manga to a close.

The pacing

It began when Attack on Titan put out the titles for the upcoming episodes. When the four names went live last week, it gave way to theories about the show’s pacing. If the titles are correct and the anime doesn’t go a separate way, that means season four will wrap up around chapter 116. This was assumed by fans since the chapter was quiet compared to the others.

Attack on Titan

This would mean that there is going to be a season 4, part 2 just like season 3 of the series. No official announcement has been made but it’s expected to arrive after the 16th and final episode comes out.

Second part release

Attack on Titan

As for the arrival of season 2, fans speculate that it will arrive this fall. That would give the spring season enough time to hog all the attention without fans immediately shifting their focus to what’s next. Also, the manga for Attack on Titan will be ending in early April. That could mean a return by October 2021 would be perfect, and it would give the animators plenty of time as well.

Given the immense success of the show, there is no way that the anime would dare to wrap things up with the 16th episode of season 4. Eren’s real fight against the rest of the world is just beginning.

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