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May Calamawy is the new star in the list of Marvel as she join cast of Marvel Series ‘Moon Knight’

Marvel has established itself as probably one of the biggest franchise in the world. The movies have set an impact with it’s a high range of graphics and story. Fans from all around the world have followed marvel right from it’s introduction. Avengers: Endgame to name as one of the milestone of the company.

Many famous actors have been part of the esteemed franchise. From Robert downey Jr to Chris Hemsworth the list goes on and on. Now joining the big list is May Calamawy.

Ramy star joins the cast

Ramy star May Calamawy has reportedly joined the Marvel Disney+ series Moon Knight. She has joined in as an undisclosed role in the series. Many are still speculating the role she will be going to play. But still there has been no confirmation as of now from the officials.


Marvel in recent times are much concentrating on it’s new platform that is to produce series on OTT platform Disney+Hotstar. In recent times Marvel has released WandaVision as it’s new original Marvel series. Till now it has received positive response from all over the world. It’s going strong and also rising to popularity.

New Additions in the cast

Apart from May Calamawy there is Ethan Hawke also who has been roped in for Marvel Series ‘Moon Knight’. Ethan Hawke will be playing villain in the Marvel series. Marvel has it’s eye set with expansion of universe over not only movies but also series. Previously Marvel has always been competitive with it’s counterpart DC. ‘Moon Knight’ will be a very interesting one to come out soon. It would also introduce new hero in Marvel universe for it’s devotees. As of now there has not been any specific release date of the series.

When it comes to cast there are only 2 evident people as of revealed till now. Till then we can only anticipate as Marvel never disappoint it’s fans.

Soumyajit Patnaik
Soumyajit Patnaik
author.soump is a best-selling author who has written numerous books. He writes mysteries that are fun, intriguing, and full of action.


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