Upcoming streaming service Paramount+ is working on a Paranormal Activity sequel


The movie will be heading directly to the streaming service, which will be launching on March 4

The upcoming sequel in the Paranormal Activity franchise, Paranormal Activity 7, will be officially debuting on Paramount+. The long-running horror franchise first came out in 2007, which told the story of a couple being increasingly terrorised by a supernatural presence when they moved into their new home. The movie became highly profitable thanks to being shot in the found-footage format, which cost roughly $215,000. Five sequels followed, each becoming huge successes and earning a lot of revenue for Paramount Pictures and production company Blumhouse.

Movie details

Paranormal Activity
Paramount Pictures

The Paranormal Activity franchise continues to be one of the golden eggs in the Paramount library and will be available once CBS All Access relaunches as Paramount+ in March. It’s parent company ViacomCBS has gone to great lengths to promote Paramount+ this year, and even made Super Bowl ads and announced a set of remakes for of to compete with other streamers like Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime. The supernatural franchise was just one among a large collection of new movies.

While not many details regarding the movie is available, it’s going to be directed by Will Eubank, who made Underwater starring Kristen Stewart. The screenplay will be written by Christopher Landon, who had written for four Paranormal Activity films. The executive producers are Oren Peli, who directed the last film, and Jason Blum, the head of Blumhouse.

Entering with a bang


It’s clear that ViacomCBS wants to flex hard on the other streaming services with their itinerary of movies. Disney+ and HBO Max have been releasing movies and shows straight to their services aside from limited theatrical releases. Therefore Paranormal Activity 7, along with the prequel for Pet Sematary and shows like Halo will serve as good ammunition in the streaming wars.

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