Zendaya Finally Reveals What Is She Looking For In A Man And Other Interesting Facts About Her Personal Life!


It seems like Euphoria star Zendaya has made a rather big revelation in an exclusive new interview with Vanity Fair and it is all bout looking out for kindness according to the actress!

Zendaya Talks About What Is That One Quality She Is Looking Out In A Person!

During the interesting interview, the actress was asked about the qualities that she is looking for in a man, however, the celeb corrected the question a bit and said that she is looking for some qualities in a person! The star recently got featured in the newest edition of Vanity Fair along with several other big faces from Hollywood.


According to the actress, it is kindness that is the neat quality one can find in a person. While it is something that is not easy to deceive but Zendaya feels that there are some good people and one can just feel it!

Zendaya Says That Her Job Is Her Biggest Love In Life!

When asked about who is the biggest love of her life, Zendaya answers by saying that it would be her job! The fact that she does something that she loves to do, makes her love her work and it doesn’t feel like a job anymore! With such interest, she can safely say that her job is the biggest love of her life.


The Disney star is breaking down some basic questions and saying that kindness is something that she looks out for kindness irrespective of gender. Be it a man or a woman, kindness is a rare quality to find. The star has a lot going on for her with the second season of Euphoria already happening, ans she will also be starring in the next Spider-Man movie alongside Tom Holland and several other projects that are lined up.

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