Zendaya was Clueless about Auditioning for ‘Good Friend’ Tom Holland’s Movie Spider-Man


Zendaya had an interesting experience with the movie audition

Marvel has established itself as probably one of the biggest franchise in the world. The movies have set an impact with it’s a high range of graphics and story. Fans from all around the world have followed marvel right from its introduction. Avengers: Endgame to name as one of the milestones of the company.

Many famous actors have been part of the esteemed franchise. From Robert Downey Jr to Chris Hemsworth the list goes on and on. Similarly, there was Zendaya who was introduced as MJ in Spiderman homecoming. MJ and Peter Parker are one of the most loved Marvel couples. In the movies, Tom and Zendaya were also looking adorable together.

But the fun fact to many is that Zendaya had no clue for what role she was being auditioned for. Zendaya at first didn’t have the foggiest idea what character she was going up for when she initially tried out for the Marvel movie series.


In front of the arrival of forthcoming Netflix film Malcolm and Marie, the entertainer uncovered that it took a considerable amount of burrowing from her group to discover that she was in the racing to play the main female character in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home. The news eventually came as a shock to her at first.

The 24-year-old entertainer has spent the previous few years ruling screens and also the hearts of many. She has been a top performer whether big screen or the small ones. Her performance as Rue on HBO Max’s Euphoria helped make the show a fan favourite. It eventually helped Zendaya to win an Emmy for Best Lead Actress. She also turned out to be the youngest woman to win the award.

But as they say, whatever is written will happen for sure and as they cast Zendaya it clearly fits the role of MJ.


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