After being Subjected to a Massive Backlash, Kate Hudson Finally Addresses the ‘Music’ Controversy


Kate Hudson backslashes the public with their voting decisions and for some other talked-about scenes. After recently receiving a Golden Globe nomination for her role in Sia’s Music’ video, a musical drama.

She spoke about the backlash the film is receiving and how much consideration should be given on topics like autism and people representing it on the Jimmy Kimmel show. She also highlighted ho important tits for the media to hold such concerning conversations.

Kate Hudson | Maddie Ziegler
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The musical also stars Maddie Ziegler and Leslie Odom Junior. The Story revolves around a sober drug user Zu ( Kate Hudson), with a newfound guardian Music (Ziegler) who is her autistic half-sister.

The film received public humiliation for not actually casting an actor with autism for the role. Hudson said that she welcomes needed criticism and encourages both ups and downs of a movie.

There have a lot of it lately as Kate Hudson calmly responds to it. Criticism was considered to be a lot more than anything but the artist has till now controlled it brilliantly.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson said she was all okay with it

She said that nobody has asked her about the backslash. She also told the media that it is no soundbite conversation, but an important conversation which is about ‘neurotypical actors’ playing neurotic characters.

She said that this is an important conversation to be had with experts and also asked people to believe that she is listening. Kate Hudson believes it should be considered a topic to be discussed.

After the Golden Globe nominations on February 3, Sia took to Twitter that she has added a disclaimer or more of a warning at the start of the film mostly because of the restraint scene which has been deemed by the autism community. She took to Twitter and said “I’m sorry” and then deleted her Twitter account.

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