ASCI Drafts Norms & Regulations to be Followed by Social Media Influencers


The digital world is now overflowing with advertisements and influencers, thus making the internet a safer place to practice such professions ASCI has released a set of guidelines for social media influencers.

The ASCI (Advertising Standards Council of India) is all set to issue and send some guidelines to social media influencers which are to be strictly followed for promotional posts and are expected to be delivered by March-end. Social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are used for digital advertisement, thus the influencers should follow the guidelines of ASCI for any promotional post.


To make the internet a  more responsible place these guidelines are going to be announced by the end of March, after the public consultation. According to Subhash Kamath, chairman of ASCI stated that the guidelines will not only help the customers to verify the authentic and promotional content but will also help social media influencers to be more responsible while promoting a brand. The draft may propose the addition of disclosure labels which should be clearly visible on any kind of promotional content.

ASCI has set its rules

The editorial and independent influencer-based content should be clearly distinguished to prevent confusion with a list of approved hashtags. The contract or agreement between the influencer and the advertising agency should be respected and the clauses over the minimal disclosure and other clauses should be followed with diligence.

The ASCI draft also states that the influencers with blanket disclosures in bio  (account description) will not be appreciated. The alt text to the advertisement should be in English or the language the ad is in.


ASCI looks forward to strictly following the guidelines which are formed after much stress over the profits of the consumers and the creators or influencers, they also consulted with influencers like BigBang.

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