George Clooney Talks About Joining Politics, His Twins And More!


While many actors have shown their interest in politics time and again, it seems like one iconic actor is not that interested in politics after all and want to stay away from it!

George Clooney Talks About Joining Politics And More!

The Midnight Sky star George Clooney has no interest in taking part in politics for the time being! While the actor has been persuaded a few times to join politics, it seems like the actor has no interest to make his life more difficult and might steer clear of it.

While talking about politics, the actor said that while he has a few politician friends who he likes and respect, he thinks their life is quite difficult with all the pressure that comes along with politics and he doesn’t envy a moment of it!

The Actor Is Not That Interested In Joining Politics For The Time Being!

However, the star also shed some light adding that there are more effective ways in the things he wants to work on without being tied to politics and e wants to steer clear of this one for the time being. He would definitely want to fight for the same that would bring forward change but he is planning to do that without joining politics for now.

George Clooney

Other than politics, the actor further shifted the topic and talked about his personal life, especially about his twins and how he feels a great sense of responsibility towards them. The actor wants their children to be fully aware of their privilege while also having enough empathy towards the people who are not that well off. The actor has earlier talked about how marrying Amal has changed him for the better and he is quite the proud father of his twins!

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