George Clooney talks keeping his love life alive, lockdown, and his motorcycle accident


Clooney and Amal still write letters to each other

George Clooney has always been a romantic – and won’t be deterred by any lockdowns. The 59-year-old Ocean’s Eleven star spoke about his love for letter writing, and how he and his wife continue to write letters to each other since getting married four years ago.

Clooney said that even during the lockdown, he sometimes writes her a letter and leave it at her desk, and she writes one back and leaves it under the pillow. Clooney said that he’s a big believer in letters and that he still has letters from Paul Newman, Waltor Cronkite and Gregory Peck framed and put up in his house. He says it will feel different if it’s a text, and that maybe it’s a generational thing. The thought of someone sitting down and writing a letter is important for him.

His children

Clooney has had twins with his human rights lawyer wife. He opened up about why he chose simple and classic names like Ella and Alexander for the three-year-olds. He said he didn’t want “weird-ass” names for his kids, and that they will be having enough trouble from being the kids of someone famous and successful. Then he spoke about children of Paul Newman, Gregory Peck, and Bing Crosby’s sons kill themselves, and that by the time his son feels competitive, George will be so old that he will be gumming bread.

His accident

Amal with their twins

Clooney recounts the motorcycle accident that almost killed him in Sardinia, Italy in 2018. The matter that troubled him the most was that instead of helping, people were trying to take photos. That the worst moment in his life was entertainment for them.

He concludes by saying that we are in a word where everybody is trying to make themselves fascinating or important in some way, but the thing you should do is to put that phone down.

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