Horizon Forbidden West: With New Updates, What can Gamers Expect from this New Game? Details Below


Gamers around the world look for a new type of games every other day. For them this time there is Horizon Forbidden West. It is an upcoming role-playing game. The game is all set to release this year.

Horizon Forbidden West is a third-person action role-playing game, the next instalment of Aloy, after the Horizon Zero Dawn. in the next instalment players control Aloy, a huntress, in a world full of vicious machines. The huntress would be heading now to the west coast of America and will face many new foes, natural calamities and much more. PS5 Future of Gaming event in June 2020, gave us the first look at the game, and availability for both PS4 and PS5.


What to expect?

Guerilla made it clear that the Horizon Forbidden West is supposed to be released to the world in 2021 and also that the broad release window in an exceeding follow-up dev diary, but don’t even have a month to plan for.

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Zero Dawn was released in February of 2017, over three years and more plus the change after PS4 but the chances to witness the same gap in the second instalments are bleak. So we can conclude from what Sony and Guerilla have confirmed that Horizon Forbidden West is most likely to arrive in 2021  for PS4 and PS5.

Horizon Zero Dawn The predecessor of Horizon Forbidden West is now released for PC gaming but it is not likely to happen for the second instalment. So to play Horizon Forbidden West you’ll have to have a PS5 or PS4.


Guerrilla did release a synopsis although vague but a little informing about Horizon Forbidden West. The trailer does show us post-apocalyptic San Francisco which is overtaken by greenery and also that Sylens still has a role to play.

Guerilla and Sony released the first soundtrack of the second instalment on various streaming services Prominent Dutch video game composer Joris de Man wrote the track named Promise of the West which sounds epic.

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