Lady Gaga’s Bulldogs Stolen While Her Dog-Walker Was Shot By An Unidentified Person!


It seems like singing sensation Lady Gaga faces a rather traumatic incident as her dogs were stolen while the dog walker was shot by the culprit as well.

Lady Gaga’s Dogs Were Stolen While The Walker Was Shot As Well!

While it is no news that Lady Gaga is extremely attached to her furry companions Koji and Gustav, the dogs were stolen while the male culprit shot the walker with a handgun making things all the more complicated. The dog walker who was injured ha been rushed to the hospital while the singer has announced a reward for the person who will find her dogs.

Lady Gaga

While the culprit managed to steal the two dogs, the third one managed to ran away and was later discovered by the police authorities. The celeb has announced prize money of a whooping  $500,000 for whoever will return her beloved dogs. The star is extremely attached to her pets and she wants them back as soon as possible.

Lady Gaga Has Announced A Huge Prize Money For The Dogs!

While there is a huge question mark on whether it was a planned crime keeping the owner’s status in mind or was it a random act of theft. Whatever it is, it sure is frightening enough as the two dogs are still missing and the walker getting shot adds to the whole severity of the crime.

Lady gaga

Moreover, Lady Gaga is in Rome at the moment where she is reportedly shooting for an upcoming movie titled Gucci. An email id has also been given by her press representative if anyone has any concrete information about the pets. Some are even speculating that the dogs might be stolen for monetary purpose as French bulldogs are quite popular and are hugely in demand amongst dog lovers.

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