Limitless: Is Season 2 Happening for the American Comedy-Drama Series? Read the New Updates


There are various limited series that has an original movie with the same name. Limitless is one of them to look out for. It is a comedy-drama series that is based on the movie with the same name. It debuted on CBS and had run from September 22, 2015, to April 26, 2016.

Season 1 of the series consists of 22 episodes. It eventually rose to fame and was appreciated by many fans. Even with so much of fame fans were not happy with just 1 season. Sadly for them, the CBS executive Craig Sweeny announced the series had been cancelled after just one very good season.


The film was delivered back in 2011 and in a split second turned into a hit. With so much attention, the makers consider making a show on it. In any case, they realized that it will no on a par with the film yet at the same time individuals will eventually cherish it for good.

Limitless was one of the various movies that utilized the prevalent misconception people just utilize 10% of their minds, and once they outperform that number they can open fringe supernatural capacities. It showed us supernatural things what one person could achieve.


Dropped after the season finale

Limitless was dropped soon after its season finale in 2016. While the show had a solid start with the numbers but it eventually slowed down with time. CBS president Glenn Geller felt it hadn’t associated with watchers in a significant manner. It has not created its mark among the audience. While season one finished on a cliffhanger note disappointing many of its fans.


In the main season, we have seen that Finch was overwhelmed with the force of the medication NZT-48 and he began to have extraordinary forces which draw according to many individuals around him. As the story pushed forward, we discover him getting uncontrolled by the medication and at whatever point he couldn’t discover it, he loses himself.

Will Season 2 becoming?

The producers of the show took it to both Netflix and Amazon in expectations they will try to grab it. However, it didn’t work out as they thought it to be as there were hardly any takers of the show. While the appraisals unquestionably dropped for the show it actually had respectable numbers when it reached a conclusion. But with no solid streaming platform and anyone to represent the show. Season 2 of the show looks highly doubtful.

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