Luca: Pixar Studio is Geared Up for a New Animation Movie as it Teases Fans with New Sun-kissed Poster


Pixar has finally rolled out a very beautiful poster of Luca. The poster shows a boy  who is drowning in sun kisses. Luca is another Pixar movie after Soul. In this single poster, Pixar has released many information including the movie’s first trailer release date. Moreover, it is nice representation about what’ going in the story.

Pixar is currently, focusing on many franchise of the movies such as Onward and Soul. However, they are kind of avoiding making sequels which they previously did  for Toy Story  and The Incredibles. Moreover, Pixar is also planning to release Turning Red in 2022.

The poster of Luca tells more than you see– If you dig deeper, you will discover better

On the surface of the very clean and very beautiful water, Luca looks like every other boy enjoying summers. In the poster, Luca is resting on the surface of Italian Riviera. but, if you look closely, he appears as if he is a part of the sea. And if you have observed this, then you may realize that he is actually a creature of sea.

Luca shares the land with a friend whose name is Alberto. The duo wander around and eat gelato and pasta. They also ride around mopeds together.

Enrico Casarosa who is director of the movie said that he is very close to the movie for several reasons

Casarosa grew up in Italian Rivera. He said that he is very close to the movie not only because he grew up in Italian Rivera. Casarosa further added that everyone cherish the childhood memories and Luca is all about it. So in addition to the picturization, the movie will also feature everything about summer adventure.

Luca is currently schedule to fall on 18th of June, 2021.

The Irregulars is all set to release on Netflix and we can’t keep CALM!

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