Mike Tyson brands his Hulu biopic as cultural misappropriation and corporate greed


The 8-part biopic was unauthorized and must not be confused with the film starring Jamie Foxx

World famous boxing champion Mike Tyson didn’t have nice things to say about his upcoming Hulu biopic. He called it cultural misappropriation and corporate greed. The biopic is unauthorized, unlike the official film that is currently in development and stars Jamie Foxx as Tyson.

Tyson’s controversial career

Tyson established himself as one of the greatest fighters ever in his career. But towards the end of his career, Tyson was knee-deep in controversy at all times. It was later found out that he had raped 18-year-old Miss Black Rhode Island contestant Desiree Washington and had to spend a little less than three years in prison. Once he returned, Tyson had trouble getting back to his boxing ways. He was defeated by Evander Holyfield in 1996, but a rematch was called where Tyson bit a piece off of Holyfield’s ear.

Mike Tyson and Jamie Foxx

Despite all this, Tyson still has a loyal fan base and even managed to make his own successful animated series that ran on Netflix from 2014-2020.

As someone with such a storied career, it’s only natural that Tyson would be due for a biopic. While fans are waiting to see Foxx as Tyson, an 8-part biopic on Hulu produced by Margot Robbie has caught Tyson’s eye.

Iron Mike

Mike Tyson

The biopic, titled Iron Mike was said to be culturally misappropriate and was insensitive towards Black History Month, according to Tyson.

As per the Hulu executives, Tyson was briefed about the series months ago. His recent statement does spark concern over Black History Month and that it’s ill-timed to release it now. But another factor could be that Mike has no control over how the series will portray him. The boxer has always been very defensive over past issues, and Hulu covering all these sensitive topics will be a matter of concern.

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