No Game No Life: The Chances for Season Appear Bleak but there seems to be a Little Hope Now


Will there be season 2 ever?

Anime is a genre that is appreciated by many over the years. It is quite a favourable one by many fans all around the world. Anime originated from Japan which is hand-drawn and computer animation. Anime has its own charm and much other variety of list to watch and enjoy.

No game No life is an anime which is quite a famous one in recent times. No Game No Life is a Japanese light novel series which is created by Yū Kamiya. The fantasy anime had 12 episodes in the first season itself.

no game

Many Anime is known for delivering many episodes and keep the crowd snared to them. It keeps the audience engaged with the anime. Even subsequent to acquiring appreciation from not only critics but also the fans. The creators never intended to restore it for a subsequent season of the hit anime series. The primary episode was debuted in April and went on for a very long time. Altogether, 12 episodes were delivered. What’s more, every one of them was generally welcomed by the fans.

No Game No Life

As the name accounts for itself, the series is tied in with the concept of gaming to make a big difference for life. In the main season, siblings Sora and Shiro join each other to turn into the best gaming group on the planet, The Blank. From there on the adventures of their life starts. Their status in gaming is so legendary that even Gods are forced to bow down.

Thus, they are shipped off an entirely different reality or new a world where they go over other gamers, and there’s only one approach to address all the contentions and rivals in the new era that is – just play the game!


The series isn’t serious and includes light satire. The storyline of this show isn’t so superb or extraordinary, yet in case you’re into chess, you will surely love Shiro’s character. Shiro himself has probably the best strategies to win in the game.


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