What is Zachery Ty Bryan’s life has turned into after “Home Improvement”? Let us have a gaze


“Home Improvement” was one of its on kind of show in 90s. The show not only earned 34 Emmy nominations but was also nominated for nine Golden Globe nominations. “Home Improvement” was active from 1991 to 1999. The show starred Tim Allen, Patricia Richardson, Zachery Ty Bryan, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Taran Noah Smith.

After, “Home Improvement” was done, Patricia continued her acting career. She is now one of the amazing heroines. The sitcom starrer, Tim, became an A-list actor, but things did not go well with other child casts of the show.

After “Home Improvement’, Zach’s career was unable to gain same heights

Zach’s career was on amazing journey when he was featured in “Home Improvement”. However, things became very complicated for Zach, when the show ended. He was casted in television film known as “Thor: hammer of the Gods” which was super flop. The casting of the movie and its visualization was nothing but a cliché.

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Further, Zach was indulge in legal fight after he sued two of his partners. Together with his partner, he opened a bar called Hollywood Sports bar which was called as Big Wangs. Zach sued his own partners because according to him they were using bar as their piggy bank.

For his acting career, he once said that he do not miss acting at all. It is just he like doing every work from managing finances to the post production. Since acting is his roots, he was honest with his answers.

What is the life of other two child actors of “Home Improvements”?

Smith never lived with his parents after 17 because of the legal issues. Just months later after this, he married a chef who was 16 years older than him. He took a divorce form his wife in 2007. After that he was accused in drug case. Ever since he got hi life on tack, he wrote  back along with his mom.

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For Jonathan, he now only make small cameos. He has focused more on writing and directing rather than acting.

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