When will Izuku Midoriya become the Number One Hero in My Hero Academia?


Major spoilers ahead so proceed with caution

My Hero Academia or Boku no Hero Academia has been going on for a long time, but has still not established it’s protagonist Izuku Midoriya, aka Deku as the Number One Hero. It’s a fair question for fans to ask, since My Hero Academia‘s War Arc should’ve been the one that pushed him towards the Pro Hero ranks, or at least made him a contender. But the arc ended on a chaotic note and the spotlight shifted from Izuku to the other characters.

The war’s effect

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The War Arc had a massive toll on the heroes. The top pro heroes lost their ranks and the villains who had been taken into custody during the war and before were freed during All For One’s massive jailbreak. Society is looking at the pro heroes in contempt after Dabi’s accusations against his father Endeavor. Pro heroes have been quitting their jobs and leaving Japan, giving the newly free villains to wreak havoc as they pleased.

As the manga reached 300 chapters, Midoriya has been completely sidelined. He’s at the common anime trope where the protagonist is in a comatose state and currently Izuku’s body is trying to reconcile with the strange new bond he’s formed with his One For All quirk.

How long till he’s back?

One For All holders
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The current arc is once again focusing on Shoto and the rest of the Todoroki family who have learnt of Dabi/ Toya Todoroki and all the evil he’s caused due to his father. The chapter ends with Shoto’ mother Rei declaring that he is the hope for their family, while Shoto and Endeavor bury all the history of abuse between them and unite to take down Dabi.

While it’s good that the author is giving equal importance to the side characters, this is Izuku’s story of becoming Number One, so hopefully, we will be getting something soon enough.

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