Bruce Springsteen’s drunk driving charges from November have been dropped


Springsteen admitted to drinking at Sandy Hook beach where alcohol is prohibited

Bruce Springsteen was fined $500 on Wednesday after he pleaded guilty to consuming alcohol at a federally run New Jersey beach in November, and the prosecutors later dropped his drunk driving and reckless driving charges.

Springsteen, 71, who had made songs on his life in home state New Jersey for more than 50 years entered his plea through an online arraignment before U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Anthony Mautone in Newark.

Settling the case

Bruce Springsteen

The rock n’ roll star admitted to downing “two small shots of tequila” on November 14 at Sandy Hook beach, which was part of the National Park Service’s Gateway National Recreation Area and is a place that prohibits alcohol consumption.

Mautone, who revealed that attorneys had agreed to settle the case before the hearing also charged him $40 in fees, making the total $540. When asked how long he would need to pay the total, Springsteen replied that he can pay that immediately. The judge replied that he thought so too, but was still going to grant him a week to get it done.

Springsteen was accompanied by his lawyer Mitchell Ansell who later issued a statement after the hearing, saying that his client was “pleased” with the outcome, and said that the prosecutors could not prove the more serious charges and that Springsteen had no previous criminal record.”

The November arrest

Bruce Springsteen

Springsteen’s arrest on November had gone unnoticed until TMZ reported it on February 10, stating that a park officer saw Springsteen fake a shot from a 750-ml bottle of tequila and then go off on his Triumph motorcycle.

His other charges were dropped by Assistant U.S. Attorney Adam Baker who said that his reckless driving case couldn’t be proven and that his 0.02% blood alcohol level was far below the state limit.

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