Halo Infinite has greatly improved it’s graphics and lighting, and will continue improving, says 343


As per graphics producer Alex Le Boulicaut, the team’s effort in improving the game’s graphics is “finally coming along”

According to 343 Industries, developer for Halo Infinite, their team efforts are improving the game’s graphics, lighting, and characters. The latest addition to the iconic shooting game was unveiled by Microsoft during the E3 2018 presentation, and later said that 343 will be delivering a “soft reboot” experience for the fans.

Sadly, their first big showing didn’t receive a lot of praise due to the lack of graphics. Soon, fans started expressing their worries about the game’s overall look and this caused a lot of concern, especially since the game was set to be launched alongside the Xbox Series X/S. The game had to be pulled back and is now set to release at an unspecified date this fall. But things are finally looking up.

343’s efforts

Halo Infinite

Many developers expressed their opinions on the brand’s official website, Halo Waypoint, and they all shared insights on the game’s progress. In a category called “Tales from the Trenches,” Graphics Producer Alex Le Boulicaut spoke about the iterative process that went into developing  Halo Infinite‘s characters, graphics, and lighting. He also cleared fans’ worries by saying that the team’s effort to provide an additional level of polish to the game “is finally coming together.”

From the latest screenshots shared by 343, it’s evident that they really did put effort in improving the game’s quality. Hype among the community seems to have been restored, and fans are eagerly waiting for their next showing.

Getting assistance

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is not being worked on by just 343 Industries. Their developer resumes and online profiles indicate that their sister studio The Coalition, who made Gears 5, had also been lending their assistance over the last couple of years.

Lets see how the next showing goes, and hopefully, fans will be excited!

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