Kelly Clarkson And Jill Biden Talked About Global Affairs, Martinis And Some French Fries On The Kelly Clarkson Show!


It seems like The Kelly Clarkson Showhaving a special guest for its newest episode and the host sang a special song for the guest as well! Want to know who this special guest was? Well, you are about to find that out!

Kelly Clarkson And Jill Biden Had An Interesting Hour-Long Interview!

First Lady Dr Jill Biden was the special guest who recently appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Jill Biden had an interesting hour-long that with the singing sensation at the White House’s historic East Room. Meanwhile, the three-time Grammy winner dedicated a song to Jill Biden as well.

Kelly Clarkson made the hour long just a little bit more interesting as she sang the slowdown version of Youngblood’s Get Together. Jill Biden was not only impressed but also said with excitement that she could listen to her voice all day long! The two ladies sat down for some interesting discussions including personal and global affairs and more!

Jill Biden

The Singing Sensation Dedicated A Beautiful Song For The First Lady!

When asked what is the First Lady going to do once these COVID restrictions are over, Jill Biden said that she won’t mind going out for some martinis and French fries! Clarkson, on the other hand joked about the fact that she only had four-and-a-half hours of sleep before this much-awaited interview. The interview went on for quite a while as the two snapped for some pictures as well.

As the two women talked about their personal lives, Kelly Clarkson asked Jill Biden about how they both were divorced and Jill said that otherwise she would have never met Joe and she hopes something as magical happens to Kelly as well. Fans surely loved the two getting along and having an interesting interview.

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