Jonah Hill shares a touching message about body positivity and acceptance


The statement came after paparazzi took pictures of him at the beach

Actor and filmmaker Jonah Hill shared a deeply moving message about self-acceptance and body positivity. Hill had struggled with his weight from the time he debuted in Hollywood and had often shared about the challenges he faced due to it. The Oscar-nominee had lost 40 pounds in 2011 and surprised the public, and his weight had since fluctuated consistently.

Hill’s career

Jonah Hill

While he had played the quirky, chubby kid in his early days, every so often he did a role that defined him as something more. By 2007, he was a known face after appearing in numerous Judd Apatow movies and his role of Seth in Superbad showcased the difficulties of self-acceptance as a teen. As his popularity increased, he started taking diverse roles and he even lost a bunch of weight at that time so that he can show a whole new persona.

His message

Jonah Hill

But even as his career took flight, he was still associated with his weight. But through a statement on his latest post shared yesterday, Hill spoke about how his confidence has grown and was able to overcome his insecurities, and so encouraged others who may feel the same way about themselves.

He said that he doesn’t recall taking off his shirt at a pool in front of family and friends until he was in his 30s. He said it would’ve happened sooner if his childhood insecurities weren’t exacerbated by years of public mockery about his body by press and interviewers. He was commenting under a photo published by the Daily Mail which showed him surfing and said that when they printed a photo such as this, it didn’t phase him. At 37, he’s able to finally love and accept himself. He ended his short speech by telling others to have fun, and that they are awesome and perfect.

During times like these when more and more people are feeling insecure in their own skins, such a comment would go a long way in helping them gather courage.

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