Ray Donovan movie is currently being developed at Showtime after the series got cancelled


The movie is being made to properly wrap up the story

A Ray Donovan movie is currently in development at Showtime. The crime drama stars Liev Schreiber as the titular character, and is a family man working as a mediator in a law firm that handles celebrities and other wealthy clients in Los Angeles. The series ran for seven seasons before getting abruptly cancelled by the network without prior warning. The eighth season was going to be the final one, and the showrunner David Hollander already had a story in place.

After the show got cancelled, fans were demanding for a final season and even Schreiber himself stepped up to promise that it will be getting its proper ending.

The movie

Ray Donovan

As per a report by Slashfilm, the Ray Donovan  feature-length film is in the works, with production starting later this year in New York and will be premiering in 2022. The story will be taking place right after the events of season 7. Schreiber will also be the co-writer for the film along with Hollander, who will serve as the director as well. Showtime said that the movie will “weave together the present-day fallout from the Donovan/Sullivan feud with Ray and Mickey’s origin story from 30 years ago.”

A new chapter

Ray Donovan

The last time a movie was made after the surprising cancellation of a TV series was when HBO’s Deadwood got cancelled after its third season. Even though it took more than ten years, HBO did revive it for a two-hour movie. Ray Donovan‘s seventh season ended on a cliffhanger as we see Donovan going through some major psychological guilt and ending the Sullivan battle, before starting a new one with his father Mickey (John Voight) who has been on the run. It’s quite unsure what other events will be happening, but fans are pleased about the developments.

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