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Vanessa Bryant Lashes Out at Rachel Woods for Calling Kobe Bryant Rapist

Vanessa Bryant, wife of the late NBA player Kobe Bryant lashes out at Rachel for falsely accusing Kobe of the rape and claiming that this is one of the reasons why innocent black men go to prison for the crimes they never committed.

Evan Rachel Wood called out Kobe Bryant, a late NBA player on rape charges soon after which Vanessa Bryant lashes out at wood to falsely accuse her husband soon after he dies in a tragic helicopter crash last year.


Vanessa took to her Instagram and posted a story about it in which she wrote that the tweet by wood is slanderous, defamatory, insensitive, and completely false tweet and claimed how wrong is it to punish innocent black men for a crime they never even committed and that the accusation doesn’t prove him guilty at any platform.

Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant, his daughter along with a total of seven other passengers met their death in a tragic helicopter crash which was headed towards a basketball tournament and crashed on January 26, 2020, near Calabasas, California.

Not a week later wood took to her Twitter account to accuse kob of being a rapist. In the Tweet, she said that she has taken three days and gave time to people to get over the death but it was time for her to tell everyone that Kobe Bryant was a rapist.

Kobe was charged with assault back in the day

Kobe was charged with sexual assault for raping a hotel employee in July of 2003 for which he had to travel back and forth a lot between Colorado, Eagle, and Los Angeles in 2003-2004 NBA for court hearings. Layer the accuser decided not to testify agist Kobe and these the charges were dropped. In 2005 he settled a civil case outside of the court.

Wood also accused Marilyn Manson of horrifically abusing her for a year to which Marilyn Manson denied and said that her claims are a distorted form of reality.

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