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Doom Eternal announces profits of over $450 million since its launch nine months ago

As the game reaches its one year mark, developers discuss it’s achievements

Doom Eternal had been one of the most successful games of 2020, and according to a former employee of developer id Software, the first-person shooter game has made more than $450 million in revenue since it’s release in March 2020. Doom has been one of the most successful franchises since it’s release in 1993, and fans were eager to see what the next edition had in store.

The story

Doom Eternal

Doom tells the story of a space marine known as Doomguy who goes on a killing spree of demons and other undead creatures. After taking a break for four years, the reboot of the original game came out in 2016. Doom Eternal is the sequel to this reboot and the story picks up sometime after the events of the 2016 Doom. In this game, Doomguy goes on a mission to stop Hell from destroying the Earth and also to stop a group of aliens from taking over humanity. The game was initially released for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia in March 2020. It’s expected to arrive on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X soon enough. The reviews that the game received had been crazy, showing just how much in-demand this sequel was.

Doom’s future

Doom Eternal

As reported by PCGamesN, former id Softcore employee Dave Saunders, who was part of the game during its development and release, shared it’s revenue on his LinkedIn page, and showed that it racked up $450 million in its initial nine months. It won’t be long till the game passes it’s $500 million mark.

As for the franchise’s future, there’s nothing officially announced, but Doom Eternal‘s creative director Hugo Martin has revealed that the team has thought of adding a female Doom Slayer, and that she should be her own character and not a female version of Doomguy. So that would mean a whole new backstory, with slaying style and experiences. Fans are excited as always.

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