Governor Andrew Cuomo Is Facing Some Severe Sexual Allegations From One Of The Former Members.

It seems like one of the former members of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s the administration is making some severe allegations about how the governor did something without her consent and this sexual harassment claim is resurfacing and creating a huge buzz around.

Andrew Cuomo Is Facing Severe Sexual Allegations Made By Lindsey Boylan!

Andrew Cuomo | Governor


According to some claims made by Lindsey Boylan , Andrew kissed her on the lips without her consent after a private meeting. This is not all as Boylan further says that the time during which she was working as an economic adviser in the administration, Andrew Cuomo would go out of his way to touch her on the lower back, arms and legs!

Andrew Cuomo | Governor

Apart from these claims, Lindsey further said that he would compare her with one of his rumoured girlfriends and also joked about how the two should play strip poker. Boylan claimed that she was in shock when the kissed happened but still kept walking. Boylan has further tweeted about how his abuse of power never ends and some immediate action should be taken. Take a look at this tweet posted by Boylan.

These Allegations Are Coming Up With Some Additional Details.

These allegations came in front of the public eye after Boylan tweeted back in December about being a victim of sexual harassment but did not reveal many details and even cancelled any interview requests as well. Cuomo, however, denied all these allegations and said that these claims are absolutely not true.

These allegations were not only denied but is said to have no truth at all. Now, Lindsey Boylan is asking the authorities to remove him form office so that no one else becomes a victim. We wonder what will the authorities devise to do with these severe allegations coming up.

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